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Cruise Express Travel & Tourism

P.O. Box 6067, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 2 658 5288

Fax: +971 2 681 1264

Reports place consumer spending for travel among UAE residents as high as $1.6 billion. As a regional hub with one of the busiest airports in the world, the UAE is known to breed tourists, not only attract them. BBIH’s subsidiary, Cruise Express Travel, specializes in delivering travel management services for expatriates, adventure travelers, medical tourists and corporate clients.

With the resources and knowledgeable staff needed to manage niche markets in the travel industry, Cruise Express partners with embassies, schools and corporate clients with a high volume of travel requirements for staff.

Cruise Express has established itself as the go-to travel consultant for niche tourism markets. Highly experienced travel consultants and senior management with 30 years in the industry carefully watch market trends and create lucrative packages via their wide network to cater to corporations and consumers across the country thereby saving time and money for clients with the most flexible and comprehensive packages.

Cruise Express assists its clients through superior scale, reach, IATA certification and access to the world’s three major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for airline and hotel bookings.

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