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The F & B industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the UAE with more than 15,000 restaurants in the country. In addition, with end-users becoming increasingly health conscious and making savvy dining choices, BBIH has invested in reputed F&B retail brands that resonate with multicultural audiences through its wholly-owned subsidiary ADVANCED Retail.

Advanced Retail’s first new successful venture Flame & Bake, a chain of restaurants that provides healthy and fresh food is set to expand to 25 outlets in 5 countries by 2020. Flame & Bake brings to life the Arab tradition of rich flavours and impromptu barbeques with food freshly prepared on the spot. Flame & Bake is primed for expansion into international markets and open to franchise opportunities for partners sharing its ethos of quality and authenticity.

Additionally, Advanced Retail has exclusive franchise rights to the well-known Bees Knees confectionery outlets opening across the UAE to bring gourmet desserts to a multicultural audience. The Advanced Retail team is constantly working on growing its portfolio in the healthy dining sector by exploring opportunities and developing assets to add to its investment portfolio.

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