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Advanced Logistics

Advanced Logistics

P.O. Box 44038, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 2 412 0444

Fax: +971 2 412 0555

Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 was born, in part, from an understanding that the city’s population is expected to double, mirroring the exponential growth of the country and the region. To respond to the growing population and its needs, BBIH invested in a new division, Advanced Logistics, to contribute to expand transportation dealership and tourism markets.

Advanced Logistics provides land transportation for passengers, rental vehicles and limousines with chauffeur-driven services. Additionally, Advanced Logistics handles transportation of goods, raw materials and rentals of heavy equipment for construction catering to the real estate sector in addition to its core consumer market.

Advanced Logistics’ mission is to attract and retain customers by providing high quality and cost effective transportation solutions while fostering a disciplined culture of safety, service and trust.

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