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With over 100,000 hotel rooms in the UAE,the hospitality sectors and 11,000 hospital beds, the staff and establishments have a high volume of laundry needs making it a sound investment for businesses that can deliver to a time-sensitive industry. BBIH has split their laundry investments into two separate assets, Advanced Laundry caters to the needs of medium to large sized businesses while Advanced MED Laundry focuses on healthcare laundry addressing the specific hygiene needs of the sector.

With two sprawling laundry facilities and a combined size of 78,000 sq. feet, Advanced Laundry is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery to handle a capacity of 100,000 kg daily of complete linen and laundry solutions. Advanced Laundry’s quality service is designed to meet daily operational requirements allowing clients to focus on their core business.

Advanced Laundry and Advanced MED Laundry are committed to quality and full service solutions to commercial and retail customers utilizing innovative solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of customers. Advanced Laundry provides laundry, dry cleaning, pressing and delicate fabrics including linen and medical garments to hotels, hospitals, government organizations and individuals.

Advanced Laundry and Advanced MED Laundry are time bound, quality focused, cost efficient and understand the unique requirements of each customer to deliver an unparalleled service.

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