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P.O. Box 44038, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Email: info@afm.ae

Tel: +971 2 412 0445

Fax: +971 2 412 0555

In a region that is renowned for its exceptional events, from public firework displays to private weddings, BBIH launched Advanced Occasions for large-scale individual or corporate Events.

Advanced Occasions provides event planning and management, specializing in distinctive high-end events. With its reputation for providing value-added customer service excellence, BBIH has ensured that Advanced Occasions goes above and beyond the norm to satisfy clients. Advanced Occasion’s qualified event planners treat each event uniquely including consulting on themes, arranging catering, suggested venue partners and arranging service staff for events.

Drawing on BBIH’s strength in commercial catering, Advanced Occasions is well-equipped with experienced and knowledgeable staff managing corporate events, product launches and intimate family occasions from birthdays to weddings. Clients are put to ease with a forecasting process that is inspiring and smooth while making the best use of their investment.

With Advanced Occasions, clients get exceptional service, unsurpassed experiences and most importantly memorable events.

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