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The real estate market in the region remains the largest in the world and a sound investment in an increasingly diversified economy. In recent years, the trend is moving past the race to finish, towards quality infrastructure. With these market observations, BBIH expanded its investment in contracting beyond building projects.

Today, it stands as one of the leading MEP contracting companies with an established reputation for handling complex projects in the U.A.E.

Advanced National Contracting prides itself on providing world-class turnkey solutions for construction projects specializing in general contracting, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building management work including safety and fire systems.

Advanced National Contracting delivers all elements of a successful construction with the drive to complete projects on time and within budget. From modest-sized residential and retail space to towering office buildings, hotels and large infrastructure projects, the team provides and manages architects, engineers, planners, builders and designers to help construction progress efficiently.

Advanced Contracting has cultivated a reputation for being a reliable partner in every project we undertake. In the pursuit of excellence, coupled with expertise and experience, it offers customized solutions that enhance the functionality and design of any construction project.

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