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The BBIH Team:
Guiding the Future

The BBIH team

BBIH prides itself on attracting exceptional talent that is drawn to business success. With teams drawn from over 35 countries, we have made it a priority to retain the right people and pride ourselves on a nurturing work environment where employee motivation and well-being is vital to the growth of a successful business.

We are an employer of choice and invest in human capital development to translate our business vision into success on the ground. BBIH is committed to nurturing entrepreneurial ideas and giving employees the autonomy to power businesses to market leadership positions.

Emiratisation is an important goal to us, we headhunt exceptional local talent through referrals, road shows, university visits and a comprehensive internship program where fresh graduates are trained in functions relevant to their career development. We are seeking to fuel 15% of our team with local talent by 2025.

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