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Employee Welfare

Employee welfare is a central tenet of BBIH’s organizational culture and is built into the fabric of our business ethic. We have created a work culture where diversity is appreciated and where employees are encouraged to treat the company like a community. This organizational culture is a key competitive advantage to attract and retain world-class talent.

In promoting a sense of community and an appreciation of diversity, BBIH employs talent from 35 different nationalities and participated in the UN Global Human Rights Celebration in December 2015 involving staff from all operating companies. BBIH holds regular events and activities such to celebrate both, our diversity and our employees.

Employee Welfare at BBIH is supported through a centralized learning and development function that gives team members at all levels of the organization the skills they might need to follow a rewarding career path.

Investing in our human capital and their future is vital for human development and sustainable growth.

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