Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility permeates all we do. Apart from our commitment to society, the nation, clients and our employees, we encourage all departments and operating companies to donate time and resources to CSR initiatives. BBIH respects the environment by ensuring that our operating companies rely on eco-friendly chemicals and products, in addition to actively reducing resource and energy consumption use across all facilities.

As a holding group, BBIH has specifically taken interest in energy and water conservation reducing water consumption by 40% in a single fiscal year in properties managed such as Mojumaat. Additionally, properties served through Advanced Facilities Management have also shown a marked reduction in energy consumption not just by switching to LED lamps in all the properties but installing photocell sensors, capacitor banks and air curtains for energy reduction in street lighting, indoor appliances and HVAC respectively.

As an employer of over 10,000 active community members, BBIH routinely carries out blood donation drives and ensures work/life balance for staff by providing an array recreational facilities and annual events.

Finally, BBIH subsidiaries are proud members of UN Global Compact, and are actively working to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across businesses.

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